CNTRL Samples By Melbourne Anthems WAV MIDI

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    CNTRL Samples By Melbourne Anthems WAV MIDI
从下到下最大和最坏的声音1.26GB。超过900种Straya最优质的Melbourne Bounce和EDM循环,构建套件,MIDI,单发,合成器补丁以及更多其他内容,均提供原始24位Wav质量。 我们的5个独家乐曲制作工具包以键和节奏标签格式提供了灵活性的巅峰之作。 曲目的所有部分均通过一次拍摄和剥离的变体循环进行了彻底分解,并随附了Reveal Sound的旗舰软合成器Spire的补丁。 MIDI是所有旋律部件的标准配置,任何Logic用户都可以使用完全交互式的DAW模板。 80多个泵送,打磨和重击的鼓循环通过剥离的变体(完整,仅踢奏,帽子等)和随附的MIDI数据,在任何适用的DAW采样器中使用,都是小菜一碟。 结合50个次级地震和节日设备试听的低音循环以及50个FX白噪声史诗般的竖管,撞击和炸弹,这些循环中任何一个的俱乐部转换都将导致完整而完全的舞池开发。 50个打击乐循环可处理音调高低不规则的音调和合成音色,其中50个打击乐循环与50个顶部音调齐头并进,将最令人发指的踩hat节奏融入到即时的主房间移动中。 收拾行囊的是一个令人惊叹的集合,其中包括50个高昂的主室护垫,激进的滑音线和沉重的刺刀,以及Native Instruments Massive的其他预设,可将即时合成的力量掌握在您的手中。 英文:1.26GB of the biggest and baddest sounds from down-under. Over 900+ of Straya's very finest Melbourne Bounce and EDM loops, construction kits, MIDI, one-shots, synth patches and more all available in 100% 24-bit Wav quality. Our 5 exclusive song-starter construction kits offer the pinnacle of flexibility in a key and tempo-labelled format. All parts of the tracks are fully broken down through one-shots and stripped variant loops as well as presented with patches for Reveal Sound's flagship soft-synth Spire. MIDI comes as standard for all melodic parts and any Logic user's can make use of a fully interactive DAW template. 80+ pumping, grinding and thumping drum loops make beats a piece of cake through stripped variants (full, just kick, hats etc.) and accompanying MIDI data for use in any applicable DAW sampler. Combined with 50 sub-quaking and festival rig auditioned bass loops and 50 FX white-noise epic risers, impacts and bombs the club translation of any one of these loops will result in complete and utter dance floor devestation. Pitched-perc style drops and synthetic toms are taken care of by 50 percussive loops which go hand in hand with 50 top loops harnessing the most scintillating hi-hat rhythms into instant mainroom locomotion. Rounding off the pack is a stunning collection of 50 soaring mainroom pads, aggressive portamento leads and hefty stabs as well as additional presets for Native Instrument's Massive putting the power of instant synthesis in your hands.


24-bit WAV Quality
814 MB

• 525 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.
• 285 x MIDI

- • 97 x Synth patches for Massive.